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   REACH YOUR GOALS WITH RICK D. WHEELER, MASTER HYPNOTIST.                                        


Hypnosis Motivation is possibly the most powerful way a person can experience positive change, in an absolutely safe and timely way.

You are in good hands with Rick, who is considered to be the best choice for everything hypnosis in

the Grand Rapids, Michigan area!


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Hypnosis Treatment is very effective. 

Most problems only require 1-3 sessions to attain your goal, and costs much less than conventional treatment.

About hypnosis..


Quit Smoking, Lose Weight, so much more!

Hypnosis has many applications.  From anger management to weight control...

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A confidential free consultation is just a phone call away       231-773-5272


Ricks' Comedy Hypnosis Show...

it's a must at your next party!!!

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                 CLIENTS COMMENTS

"Rick was attentive, knowledgable, and empathetic.

I am a Doctor, and I must say..he reminded me that I could spend a bit more quality time with my patients!"


-Dr. Bruce Spence

"Quitting smoking was easier than I thought it could be.

I was a pack a day smoker for 23 years. Tried it all. Rick was my last hope. Highly recommend him.""


-John R.


"I lost 23 pounds in 3 months. I was motivated to exercise more, eat less, and feel less stress.

The weight came off naturally and I expect it to stay off!

This is so much better than diets and pills!!!"


-Dottie Campbell

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