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Rick Wheeler, Professional Grand Rapids Hypnotist.

Rick Wheeler is the type of person who is always happiest when helping people feel good.


Whether he is helping someone in sessions, or whether he is making people

laugh during his Comedy Hypnosis Show, he is happy, because they are happy.


Rick is a man who is very suited for his job. A professional who has not forgotten that his clients are people.. not just numbers.





He created his practice to help people attain their goals.


He has performed thousands of Hypnotherapy Sessions and helped many clients reach their goals to become healthier and happier.

Offering Sessions for weight loss, quitting smoking, stress relief, pain control, and so much more....when it comes to motivating people to be their best, he is the best.


Very dedicated to his clients.


He has taken on clients others would not take.

He"s worked on Sundays because that was the only day the client could see him.

He has worked with clients pro bono (free) due to special circumstances.

He has many times stayed well past the scheduled session time to do his best.

He has even helped people by phone for free...on his own time.


We DO make house calls!


Rick may be the only "home visit hypnotist" in Michigan, or elsewhere!

Clients love not having to drive to an office and sit in a waiting room! He comes right to your home or office and saves you gas and time! He knows people don't care to drive sometimes, especially in the winter. It's a great way to be able to serve those that can't drive due to age or disabilitys as well.






"When no one else listened to me, Rick did.

Because of that he was able to figure out the problem, and the solution. What other so called professionals didn't do was care enough to go the extra mile. Thank God Rick was willing to.."

- John Van Loe

With Rick Wheeler, Master Hypnotist,

you will have the ability to access your powerful subconscious mind, and put it to work for you...

"I had back problems that limited my movement.

The meds were not helping.

After 1 session with Rick the pain lessened and

my mobility increased.

I could move again.

Thank you Rick...."

- Dean K.


"Smoked over 40 years. Didn't believe I would

ever quit.This man convinced me if I worked with

him we could beat this thing. We won.

It actually worked......"

- Anonymous

"My grandmother was 78 years old and lived in an

assisted living home. She wanted to lose weight to

bring her blood pressure down and for general


Mr. Wheeler visited her 3 times at her apartment.

She lost 37 pounds! This from a woman who had

a hard time walking down the hall! We were all

amazed, even the doctor.

Her blood pressure AND sugar had come down.

Grandma was happier due to Mr. Wheelers

caring heart. He really helped my Grandma.

Mr. Wheeler has my thanks and high praise


- Beth Hariman

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